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Dunwoody Modern Farmhouse Wall By Cowboy

The Dunwoody, Georgia Modern Farmhouse
December 2017

We recently completed a living room project that turned out simply AWESOME! The customer  was very specific about their requirements for the two projects outlined. They wanted a rustic mantel that has a solid wood feel and a well aged finished. They also wanted pallets that had more gray hues than usual. 
We achieved the gray color in our pallets to the right and left of the fireplace using a Verathane  Weathered Gray stain. The stain was cut  using paint thinner, then blended to a lighter tone so that the grain in the boards would show thru.
The mantelis 3/4" Southern Pine that has lots of character, but we took it one step further by roughing it up with shop tools and torches. The end result was nothing short of mission accomplished. 


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