Modern Bars


The only thing that you need beyond an overstocked cabinet of booze is a great bar, and Collective Décor Interiors has just the ones for you!

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Modern Bar

Going bar hopping used to be a lot more popular pre-pandemic but even then, drinking at home in your pajamas is a vibe that goes unparalleled sometimes.


Whether you prefer to hit the fancy, cocktail lounges or casual dive bars, you can do either in the comfort of your own home when you invest in a stylish, modern bar.


Having a modern bar in your home also allows you to have the option of entertaining your loved ones much better than any lounge ever could.


Collective Décor Interiors is proud to announce that we are offering our handcrafted, modern bars!

Modern Bar Designs

A modern bar is just what your home needs for entertaining your guests and yourself!


Collective Décor Interiors also offers commercial modern bars for small and large enterprises such as restaurants, clubs, bars, business offices, hair and nail salons, and more!


Adding a modern bar to your home or business is a great way to decorate your space with an unparalleled design.


Browse through our handcrafted, modern bar designs that we have available for clients to purchase at the top of the page.

The modern bar design models that we have available are: Aztec, The Chicago, Havana, Monaco Modern and New Yorker.

Custom Sizes – Available upon request for an additional consultation fee of $175.00