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A fireplace is the focal point and heart of the living room, where you spend time with the ones you enjoy most. Whether you have a real-wood or electric fireplace, a custom mantel designed by Collective Décor Interiors will elevate the look and feel of any room.

How to Select the Perfect Mantel for Your Home


Collective Décor Interiors’ custom mantel designs come in various colors and finishes to perfectly match the ambiance and style of your space.


The key features of each design will help you discover which custom mantel is best for you:


  • Size: First, decide how large or small your custom mantel needs to be in order to fit into the designated area. Start off by measuring your space and comparing those measurements to the custom mantel dimensions that Collective Décor Interiors has available for purchase.

  • Design: After choosing the correct size, pick out the mantel style that best suits you. Keep it simple with a traditional mantel or request some design elements to express your style.

  • Finish: Whether you are looking for a darker or lighter-colored mantel, Collective Décor Interiors offers various wooden finishes that you can mix and match with your furnishings for a sleek and classy look.


After selecting the perfect mantel for your home, consider how you’re going to style it once it is added to your space. 


Display a mirror or piece of artwork above the fireplace to round out the focus of the entire area. Add your favorite accessories, books, photos or candles on the mantel ledge. Finally, add a large vase or potted plant next to your fireplace so the design is evened out from top to bottom.


When you order a custom mantel from Collective Décor Interiors, your fireplace will always be the first place that guests notice when they walk into your space.


Create an impressive focal point above your fireplace by featuring a custom mantel designed by Collective Décor Interiors.